Urethex Floor Glaze

Urethex is a single-packaged, aromatic urethane which cures by reaction with ambient moisture in the air to a hard, clear film with outstanding abrasion resistance, toughness, and flexibility.

Easily applied by conventional methods over concrete, wood, or NPC seamless flooring systems. Urethex provides excellent protection and adds life to drab or uncoated surfaces.

-Outstanding wear and abrasion resistance.
-Cures tack-free in one to two hours with nearly full cure overnight under normal conditions.
-Good chemical and corrosion resistance.
-Tough yet flexible (passes 1/8 mandrel bend test).
-One component and easily applied with standard equipment.
-Low maintenance, easily cleaned, and never needs waxing.

-As a floor finish in factories, chemical plants, food- processing plants, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, residential floors, garages, railroad boxcars, gymnasiums, classrooms, office buildings, stores etc.
-As an interior finish over NPC KROMOTEX and KROMOQUARTZ seamless flooring systems.
-As an added protective finish over NPC EPOXAL 100 system for increased chemical resistance; specifically in harsh environments.
-As an anti-skid finish, when aggregate added.

Urethex Floor Glaze