Swimpool Externit

Swimpool Externit is an acrylic, solvent based paint, with low aromatic content. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor swimming pools. It is a durable, UV and hydrostatic resistant coating. It has superior properties over chlorinated rubber based swimming pool paints: it's non-hazardous, has better UV resistance, better overall durability, and longer lasting properties.

-Excellent adhesion on masonry, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
-Excellent UV resistance and colour stability.
-Excellent resistance to chemicals used in swimming pools.
-Excellent hydrostatic pressure resistance.
-Excellent resistance to algae and mildew -Relatively low odour.
-Excellent freeze-thaw properties in extreme temperatures.
-Can be applied in both sub-zero and high-temperature climates.

-Ideal paint for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, masonry, concrete, brick and metal coatings.