We carry a wide variety of premiers ranging from Acylic to Epoxal.

Acylic Stone Binder
A high quality, versatile acrylic polymer primer, suitable for interior and exterior concrete, brick or stucco surfaces which are chalky or soft.

Epoxal WB primer
Epoxal WB primer is a 2 component waterborne epoxy that is intended for use as a primer for floors and walls. It has exceptional bonding strength on masonry, concrete and wood substrates, as well as cured coatings and aged paints.

Epoxal 3:1 Metal primer
Epoxal 3:1 Metal primer is a two component high solids solvent based, low VOC, high-performance epoxy anti-corrosion primer intended for use as a metal primer, with rapid development of properties. It also is available in heavy metals (lead and chromium) free primer.

Epoxal Ester primer
Epoxal Ester primer is a single- component corrosion inhibiting primer, formulated with a modified epoxy ester binder and rust inhibiting pigments. Epoxal Ester primer is ideal for priming ferrous metal in a wide variety of applications.

Fast Dry Metal Primer
Fast Dry Metal Primer is an effective anti-corrosion, general purpose, fast air drying, lead-free, and economical alkyd primer. Specially formulated for exterior steel coating with long lasting and durable properties.

Epoxal WB Blockfiller
EPOXAL WB BLOCKFILLER is a two-component water-based epoxy that is intended for use as a high- performance blockfiller for concrete walls.