A highly decorative, cold-glazed, extremely durable, low maintenance, plastic wall coating. Easily applied to any type of building material, POLY-TEKS forms a tenacious, monolithic seamless surface. It is highly resistant to impact, abrasion, acids, alkalis, water, oil, and detergents.

POLY-TEKS is applied in a continuous 14-45 mils thickness (depending on the requirement of the substrate) in an almost unlimited range of colours, colour combinations and/or other decorative effects.

The POLY-TEKS System is a decorative interior high-build plastic glazed wall system.


Heavy build coating, concealing uneven texture and imperfections of the masonry. Fire retardant and nonflammable. (UL RATING for flame spread: ZERO). Highly decorative. Unlimited range colour combinations in high gloss satin and flat finish. Virtually indestructible. Impact and abrasion resistant. Highly washable and scrub resistant. Non-toxic and sanitary void-free seamless surface. (Approved by The Meat-Inspection Branch of Department of Agriculture). Unaffected by water, steam, acids, alkalis or detergents.

Fast dry and ready for use within hours after application of glazing. Thermoplastic and unaffected by temperature fluctuations and thermal shocks. Non-staining and easily cleaned.


Decorative and protective coating and finishing of interior or exterior masonry drywall, asbestos-cement board, plaster, concrete, hardboard, metal and previously painted surfaces. Wherever appearance, installation and maintenance costs are major factors. All types of institutional, commercial, industrial and residential buildings: i.e. schools, hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, chemical plants, recreation rooms, showers or cold storage areas.

Available in custom colours