LIQUISTONE is an acrylic, heavy build, breathable, and water repellent, exterior masonry coating. Its unique chemical composition of inert inorganic pigments and fibres makes LIQUISTONE totally weather immune, durable, and unaffected by temperature fluctuations. It is also one of the most economical exterior coatings.

Liquistone Features

LIQUISTONE utilises the most stable, inorganic components and pigments to ensure total weatherability and permanence of colour. It repels rain, sleet and snow and virtually eliminates vulnerability to the elements.

Fire Retardent

Liquistone will not support combustion. (UL Rating for flame speed: Zero.) It is completely non-flammable.

High Breathability

A key property that eliminates vapour pressure build-up behind the coating. Water vapour passes freely, thus eliminating the possibility of blistering, peeling, or spalling.

Low Maintanence

LIQUISTONE has excellent impact resistance. LIQUISTONE is no mere paint film. It is unaffected by water, salt, acids, alkalis. and the corrosive elements in smoke and smog. The coating will last for many years.

Durable and Flexible

LIQUISTONE is virtually indestructible. It will not dent, corrode, peel, chip or delaminate. It is unaffected by alkali. Because it is a water emulsion and chemically inert, there can be no acid-alkali reaction. Therefore it is not subject to the problem of saponification (and subsequent delimitation of coating.) It offers excellent resistance to sudden and wide temperature fluctuations. Its thermo-plastic nature easily absorbs thermal shocks.

V.O.C Compliant

LIQUISTONE exceeds all North American standards for V.O.C. content. It contains less than 60 grams of volatile organic compounds. (I.e. Less than 2% per 3.785 Litres). It is water based and very environmentally friendly.


LIQUISTONE can be applied by most common application techniques. Its unique formulation provides complete and permanent adhesion, even to such problem areas as wet walls, powdering surfaces, and "green" concrete. It does not require primer over most construction materials and bonds integrally with any surface – old or new – and will not delaminate. Its heavy build character (15 to 40 mils thick with 80% solids by volume) and textured appearance, allows it to conceal small cracks, imperfections and uneven appearances and textures common to concrete walls. It even dries fast (30-60 minutes) depending on the temperature and humidity.

LIQUISTONE has excellent hiding qualities. Small cracks, imperfections, and uneven surfaces virtually disappear beneath its continuous monolithic surface.


LIQUISTONE is available in a full range of colours and textures. Any custom colour can be produced.

Liquistone on theater walls

Many uses

A Protective coating for exterior or interior masonry walls of commercial, residential or industrial buildings.

Ideal as a high-performance protective topcoat for prefabricated and precast concrete walls, E.I.F.S. (External Insulated Finishing Systems) & stucco.

Effective for coating brick walls, home foundations, concrete beams, columns, aluminum or galvanised siding, ceilings, underside of canopies and balconies, spandrels, soffits, fascias, parking ramps, vaults, retain- ing walls, smoke stacks, grain elevators, subways, etc.

Suitable for recoating old previously painted surfaces. Useful for improving the acoustical properties of interior walls and ceilings.

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Available textures

LIQUISTONE is available in 5 basic textures.