Exterior Floor Glaze

Exterior Floor Glaze is a single component, clear, acrylic coating. It's formulated to withstand the extreme conditions of exterior service such as exposure to UV sunlight as well as temperature fluctuations.

-Fast drying and easy to apply.
-Will not break down or yellow with exposure to UV light.
-Abrasion resistant. It will stand up to heavy foot traffic as well as light to medium duty vehicular traffic.
-Excellent chemical resistance to salts, acids, alkalis, detergents, oils and fats.
-Flexible, unaffected by temperature fluctuations and thermal shock.
-Non staining and scrubbable.

-Seals exterior concrete and masonry (i.e. concrete or interlocking brick driveways or walkways.)
-Exterior finish coat for NPC flooring systems (i.e. Kromotex, Kromoquartz).