Epoxal Flooring Sytems


NPC Epoxal is a high performance, 100% solids, zero V.O.C. coating designed to perform with excellent abrasion resistance and durability. It provides a permanently bonded protective coating to new or older damaged concrete floors.

Epoxal Sample

epoxal sample

Epoxal 100 HP

Epoxal 100 HP is the standard coating used with our systems. It is a two component high performance system.

Epoxal High Build

Series 3000 high-build version of our Epoxal coating system includes broadcast silica for an extra tough wear layer. Available in thicknesses of 1.5mm or 3mm.

Epoxal Stain

Series 4000 EPOXAL is a solvent-free, two-component, translucent, decorative, 100% solids epoxy coating system. The result is a transparent, permanently bonded, stained look. The characteristics of the substrate appear through the stain for a unique decorative effect. For concrete, plywood, OSB board, or any porous material. Thickness range: (20 - 24 mils).

epoxal stain

Product Features

-Rustic translucent coating.
Finish is very unique to each substrate.
-Can be applied over new and old concrete substrates.
-Can be applied to most cementitious surfaces, as well as plywood, OSB, or virtually any porous substrate.
-Good resistance to concentrated nitric acid.
-Available in any colour and many degrees of colour concentration, determined by pigment loading. The amount of pigment determines the extent of translucency.
-Optional satin finish.

Crack Repair

Cracks in the substrate can be left alone or filled. The filled crack will appear as a different shade.

filled crack

Stain Comparison

Comparing concentrations of 5%, 10% and 15%.

stain grades

Available Colours

Epoxal STAIN is available in 22 standard colours or any custom colour.

Typical Uses

-Restaurant and bar floors.
-Retail and commercial floors.
-Decorative accent colours for wall finishes over wood and concrete.
-Residential floors.
-Universities, schools, hospital floors.
-Studios and lofts.

Performance Options

EPOXAL is available in many variations depending on the installation requirements.

Epoxal 100 CR (Chemical Resistant)
For use in chemical environments.

Epoxal 100 SC (Super Clear)
For non-yellowing, blush free applications.

Epoxal 100 OP (Orange Peel)
"Textured" thixotropic coat- ing. Also for fibreglass mesh reinforced wall systems.

Epoxal 100 PR (Primer)
Low viscosity standard primer used for all Epoxal floor systems.

Epoxal 100 WC (Wall Coating)
100% solids wall coating designed for application with npc Wall Systems.

Epoxal 100 TL (Trowel Liquid)
Trowel liquid. Decorative and industrial versions available.

Epoxal 100 DCP (Damp Concrete Primer)
Primer used over damp concrete.

Epoxal 100 FM (Flexible Membrane)
Enhanced water proofing & crack bridging.

Epoxal 100 Gel
100% solids Epoxy patching compound. Designed to repair voids in concrete and wood.

Niaflex Joint Filler
100% solids two component self leveling epoxy urethane joint sealant for load bearing control joints.

Niathane 100 Membrane
100% solids high performance two component polyurethane waterproof/crack bridging elastomeric membrane. For use over concrete and wood in conjunction with NPC decorative and functional floor systems.

Related Coatings

2K Acrylic Urethane WB
Waterborne low odour environmentally friendly high performance two component aliphatic urethane. A low VOC top coat that is non-yellowing and fast drying. Satin, gloss, solid colours or clear. Adds scuff and scratch resistance

Exterior Floor Glaze
A clear acrylic solvent based non-yellowing coating for exterior surfaces.

Epoxal 3:1
Multi-purpose high solids self priming solvent based epoxy.

Epoxal WB 1:1
Two component water based epoxy floor ad wall coating.

Epoxal LS 1:1
Solvent based low solids epoxy coating for concret floors, walls and metal surfaces.

Epoxal WB Block Filler
Two-component, water-based epoxy blockfiller designed for masonry substrates in humid environments.

Stonetex Masonry Sealer
A low solids penetrating sealer to be used as a curing compound or as a finish for concrete. stamped concrete, interlocking bricks or polymer concrete flooring. Solvent and water based versions available.

Epoxal 100 Patch
Two-component, epoxy paste used to fill voids or patch prior to applying an Epoxal coating or other NPC flooring systems.

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Available colours

EPOXAL is available in 12 standard solid colors or any custom colour.


Available textures

There are 5 standard textures available.