About Us

Niagara Protective Coatings is a 100% Canadian, family owned business. Since 1957, NPC has been proudly manufacturing quality architectural coatings for commercial, industrial, and residential use. Recently, a rare honour was bestowed on Niagara Protective Coatings Limited in the form of a Certificate of Achievement award by the Government of Ontario.

While each of our products is designed with a specific purpose in mind, all products in our line have the common function of superior protection and pleasing decoration for interior and exterior use.

Each Niagara Protective Coating is rigidly tested for permanency and is compounded to meet the specifications of the building profession as a waterproofing agent, a fire retardant, and corrosion inhibitive.

All of our finishing systems have been tested and approved for your assurance and protection by The Department of Public Works, the Underwriters' Laboratory, the Ontario Research Foundation and the Department of Agriculture.

Niagara Protective Coatings are applied by a coast to coast network of factory trained, franchised applicators in Canada, the United States and several other countries. Complete details are available on request.

Visit our factory outlet showroom in Niagara Falls and see examples of all our coatings and paints. Consult with our staff about the many possibilities of our products and your special coating needs!

NPC can assist you with your coating job by providing:

-Technical site representation
-Installation and surface preparation instructions
-Technical data sheets, including ASTM testing
-Colour selection charts
-Chemical resistance and maintenance guidelines
-Approved applicator network
-Training seminars
-Reference list available